An indoor bed for campers


An indoor bed for campers

Camping outdoors is fun in the summertime that is; if otherwise you have to deal with some nasty elements that make camping less glamorous. Camping indoors is ideal since we loved creating tents out of blankets as a kid or setting up an actual store bought one in the basement.

Glamping is a new form of camping where you don’t rough it in the wild; instead you add luxury to your camping trip by even going as far as setting up modernized tents that offer spa treatments (can you imagine?)

If we are willing to glamp outdoors then why not indoors too? Add that feeling of excitement to a spare room with a Privacy Pop Bed Tent. This design gives you a tent-like feel with the comforts of sleeping in a bed instead of on the ground. The Privacy Pop Bed Tent sets up easily and comes in various sizes.

The tent portion has ventilation with easy to open mesh side windows and even provides a light if you feel like curling up in privacy with a book or to find some quiet time away from the kids.

Speaking of kids, this is a great bed to have for the little ones during sleepovers, special occasions or even for everyday use. Its design is made to easily take a part as well and store away or if you are traveling, you can even bring it with you as it folds and comes with a carrying bag so you can transport it when visiting family without worrying about having a bed to sleep in for you or the kids.

Double sided zipper tent

Of course it wouldn’t be a tent if it didn’t zip up right? Therefore it does, with double side zippers so you can open and close the pop bed tent. If you love camping, this bed is ideal for you since you can enjoy being inside a tent all year round.

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