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An indoor zero emissions rechargeable electric generator

zero emissions rechargeable electric generator

As we begin cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of North America, we can’t help but think about what we could do to prepare in advance for storms to help make life a little easier, especially when the electricity goes out.

Not only do we lose access to our electronics and lights, our food has the potential of spoiling and therefore we need to find solutions to help keep our food from going bad and money going to waste. This is obviously not the only concern, storms during the colder seasons can cause us to lose the warmth we need will the electricity is gone.

The indoor rechargeable electric generator gives off zero emissions, including no gas or fumes as well as no noise. Your fridge can remain working with this generator for up to 4 days that is almost a full work week, giving plenty of time for the electricity to come back on.

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