An LED light designed to illuminate your photos


A glowing gem to display your photos

The well-known startup supporting website, Kickstarter helps businesses raise money to get their design or idea off the ground and running into reality. The creators of Geode are using this site to raise funds to provide you with an LED light designed to illuminate your photos.

The creators at Geode are highly aware that we are in the visual sphere, loving to not only take photos but to share them across the web. Though we do, they want to expand the shared instant and turn it into a forever moment to help you personalize your space offline too.

The Geode has an interchangeable frame and allows you to sit it in seven different positions. Its 3W LED light engine is inspired by true gems and crystals to capture the eye when entering the room. You are also able to have it unplugged for 6 hours before needing to plug it back in and it enables you to share your life through spotlighting your photos.

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