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Data on Page Views to Blog or Website

Those of us that use social media as a platform to share information through articles from various blogs and websites (including our own) whether it is for personal or professional use, like to be able to see the impact of the effort.

The social networking site, Twitter, has become the perfect place for article sharing in particular since you can tweet as much as you like without worrying as much about clogging the feeds or being auto-hidden by its algorithm like on other social networks.

Therefore we not only share what is on our minds, but interesting reads that we have discovered or written across the web.

As a personal brand you may be looking to see just how effective your tweets are on Twitter, or perhaps your business’s brand is trying to indicate what type of content is most appealing to your audience, therefore you can target them easier with similar share content or begin writing such content to appease the demographic. This will then make a higher chance for your tweeted articles to get retweeted which amplifies your brand’s online presence.

It can prove to be difficult to find such tools to aid in gathering information about your social media activities; however, we have found one that will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your tweets without costing you anything.

A third-party Twitter tool known as Brandfluencers, gathers data from Twitter to formulate a report for you to see who is bringing you the most traffic to your website or blog. Enabling you to connect with them, reward them by adding a prize or run a campaign.


How does Brandfluencers work?

Simply use your existing Google Analytics account to login to Brandfluencers and in less than two minutes you will be able to see the top five people who have brought the most traffic to your site.

This free tool can benefit your personal or professional brand in the following ways:

–          Sharing Retention – Find out who is being loyal to your brand and reward them with back-end tools to show gratitude and to keep them sharing.

–          Marketing – See what types of content is shared the most and adapt your writing to similar topics. Doing this will increase more shares.

–          Connecting – Learn who is supporting your brand and follow them, chat with them and humanize your brand easily.

–          Effectiveness – See if Twitter is actually effective for your brand and analyze what works and what doesn’t to allow you to tweak your tweeting habits to suit your audience.

Find out who is promoting your brand and bringing you page views by sharing your content or products via Twitter.

Learning any type of data that can help you perform better on your social networks is ideal to remain relevant and knowledgeable about what your community actually enjoys. It is one thing to be active, another to be attentive.

You need to be both to be successful.

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