Android Ad Impressions Come to A Screeching Halt



If there is one thing that Android really needs to have happen, it is that advertising needs to remain positive on the platform. This it true for two reasons: it gives developers incentive to develop for the platform and it provides developers income, from which they might not be getting from application purchases. But the recent news could be disheartening for those who are looking to jump in and develop free, ad-supported applications for Android.

The news is that ad impression growth has slowed on Android. Even more interesting is that it is rated to be roughly the same as iOS, with both platforms display 38 percent of the ad inventory on the Millennial Media ad network.

Considering that applications don’t appear to be winning user’s wallets on the Android side, advertising needs to become more effective for Android to continue its growth. But even though this news is somewhat disappointing, Android’s future is still looking bright, even if others would argue differently.

Either way, I’m sure RIM and Palm would be happy to have numbers anywhere near that.

What do you think?

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