Android and Nvidia will help power next year’s Hondas


Curious as to just which Honda models you’d see Android pop up in first? If you had money on the 2015 Civic, Civic Tourer and CRV it’s time to collect your prize from the pool. Google’s mobile OS will appear as standard equipment in those vehicles with a little help from Nvidia, naturally, and as the GPU giant tells it, Honda Connect will be the first infotainment system to run embedded Android on a Tegra chipset.

From smartphones to tablets to wearables, Google is set to invade even the cars with an Android-powered OS. It’s not purely and not exactly a new Android Auto version but Honda has just introduced a new Tegra-based Android Infortainment System for its vehicles. Officially called as the Honda Connect, this infotainment system brings the automotive ecosystem of NVIDIA to a wider and more global reach. This makes the Japanese car maker NVIDIA’S first partner in Asia to use their processors for in-car audio and information systems to be installed on vehicles. Honda Connect uses Android OS running on Tegra but it’s quite different from Android Auto—something we have yet to fully learn about.

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