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Android developers can’t include user testimonials in descriptions

The new guidelines for the Google Play store restricts developers from including user testimonials in app descriptions. According to the updated Google Play guidelines, developers are not allowed to include the user testimonials, as well as ‘irrelevant keywords’ which are unrelated to the function of the app, in app descriptions. 

Despite what the competition wants you to believe, the Google Play Store really isn’t an open playground for app developers to do as they please. In fact, to better combat developers who try and game the system by “manipulating ranking or relevancy” of their apps, Google has made a small amendment to their Android developer guidelines. Under “Keyword spam,” app developers are no longer permitted to provide direct quotes or testimonials from “happy” customers. While this may sounds harmless on the surface, more than a few developers have been using this as a way to add special keywords to their listings so that their apps appear higher in search rankings. A big no-no in Google’s book.

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