Antenna Attenuation Vids No Longer Featured On Apple Site



A lot can change in a week. Last week Apple hurried to add the Motorola Droid X to its growing list of “look, these guys antennas don’t work either!” videos. This week the videos get pulled completely.

Maybe one of the other big guys got serious with a legal threat. Maybe Apple wants to begin drawing focus away from the whole thing. Maybe the vein in Steve Jobs forehead finally stopped pulsating at 300 bpm.

Either way, it’s pretty clear that no one was really too impressed with Apple’s attempt to draw the entire mobile industry into the antenna attenuation debate.

The page on Apple’s site where the videos used to appear is now fully dedicated to providing visitors with a glimpse into Apple’s testing and research facilities, a much more wholesome approach to persuading customers they didn’t just decide to wrap a piece of metal around the outside of their newest phone for no good reason.

What do you think?

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