Anthology is Facebook’s attempt to make ads enjoyable to watch

Few things on the Internet are as universally hated as advertisements, but history has shown that people are much more accepting of ads, and therefore more likely to actually watch them, if they’re actually enjoyable. That’s why Facebook is teaming up with the Onion, Vice, and several other content creators to make ads that people actually want to watch. 

As video consumption continues to grow on Facebook , we’re working to make sure that people see videos that are high quality and relevant. This includes videos from brands. That’s why we launched Anthology—a new group of leading video publishers, who, together with the Facebook Creative Shop, will work with brands to produce outstanding advertising content for Facebook. Anthology is equal parts art and science, pairing publisher creativity with Facebook advertising insights to create custom campaigns that meet brands’ business goals. The program gathers a number of leading publishers to lend brands their creativity, storytelling expertise and video production know-how.

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