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App developer, VSCO, has launched a $1 million initiative fund for artists

It’s always nice to see companies do something for their customers that would not necessarily be required of them. That’s exactly what the folks at VSCO has done as they have launched their Artist Initiative program which is basically a $1 million scholarship aimed at photographers and visual artists to help them further their studies and to gain more knowledge. For those unfamiliar with VSCO, the company is known for their VSCO Cam app for smartphones. In some ways it follows Instagram’s setup, where users can add filters to their photos and share it on VSCO’s social network. 

Image sharing and film emulation service VSCO has launched a scholarship fund totaling $1 million (we reported on the fund earlier this year when it only totaled $100K). Calling it the Artist Initiative, the program assists photographers and visual artists chosen by the company with funding and promotion of their work. The first round of recipients has been announced, including 12 creatives from across the globe. Their work under the scholarship will be displayed on the website and will be sold online, with profits divided between the artist and the fund for future recipients. Those interested in applying for the initiative are directed to download the company’s app, VSCO Cam, and start displaying their work in a ‘Grid’. Anyone 18 or over can apply for the scholarship. Projects need not be strictly based in photography, but must be documented in photographs. Take a look at the first round of recipients and find out more about how to apply at VSCO’s website.

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