App testing startup BlazeMeter has acquired Loadosophia

BlazeMeter, the leading load and performance testing as a self-service platform for mobile, web and APIs, today announced the acquisition of Loadosophia, which provides state-of-the-art analytics technology for JMeter users. Andrey Pokhilko, Loadosophia and founder, joins BlazeMeter’s executive team as Chief Scientist. The acquisition of Loadosophia and the addition of Pokhilko’s technological expertise and performance testing experience enhance BlazeMeter’s product innovation and next generation performance testing solutions. BlazeMeter users will be able to utilize Loadosophia’s technology, and further innovations are on the product roadmap. Loadosophia’s customers will continue to be fully supported by BlazeMeter.

BlazeMeter, a startup that tests to see if websites and apps work by stretching their limits with loads, has bought Loadosophia, a startup that provides analytics tools for results stemming from the Apache JMeter open-source load-testing project. Loadosophia customers will be able to keep using that service, which will become part of BlazeMeter’s offering, according to a statement on the news today. The deal also provides open-source talent to BlazeMeter. Loadosophia founder Andrey Pokhilko, who is becoming BlazeMeter’s chief scientist, has focused for years on the JMeter community and created a site for JMeter plugins, according to the statement. Before starting Loadosophia, Pokhilko led the load-testing division of Russian search company Yandex. Moscow-based Loadosophia has no other employees and never took on venture funding, a BlazeMeter spokeswoman told VentureBeat. In the world of business-focused services, load testing doesn’t carry the same level of glamour as, say, file-sharing or project-management tools. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. It’s key for companies that want to ensure their sites will be able to withstand large amounts of traffic, just as car manufacturers want to make sure their vehicles can withstand a few small fender benders before they roll off the assembly line.

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