Apple fines companies $50 million for leaking information


When you’re a part of a big company and working on projects with Apple, you might find yourself with a desire to leak information about a product. Of course, this type of thing could land your company with a huge penalty because that information is obviously confidential. In fact, court filings in GT Advanced Technologies’ bankruptcy proceedings have revealed that Apple imposes an insane $50 million dollar penalty when a supplier leaks information.

Details from Apple’s supplier non-disclosure agreements are beginning to leak thanks to the bankruptcy proceedings of GT Advanced Technologies, with the sapphire maker arguing that even more should be published so creditors and shareholders can see the full story behind its fall from grace. Court filings made by GT Advanced Technologies have already revealed that Apple imposes a $50 million penalty “per occurrence” for leaking any information about an upcoming, unannounced product. The fine was first reported on Monday by the Financial Times. Even more could come to light as GT Advanced’s bankruptcy proceedings carry on, as the company argued in court last week that even more information about its relationship with Apple should be published. The company also hinted that the terms of Apple’s contract were unreasonable, referring to them as “oppressive and burdensome.”

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