Apple is banning iOS beta users from leaving app reviews


Beta versions of software are, by their very nature, going to be at least somewhat buggy and unpolished, but a lot of iOS users apparently don’t understand this. Following complaints from app developers that their ratings were going down because people using beta versions of iOS were experiencing bugs and complaining about them in reviews, Apple has decided to ban people running beta versions of its mobile operating system from leaving app reviews. 

Apple has banned users running a beta version of iOS from leaving app reviews, news that will no doubt be welcomed by developers. As anyone currently using the beta version of iOS 9 will know all too well, not all apps play nicely with the software.
Until now, iPhone and iPad owners running pre-release software have been able to moan about these unexplained crashes and random restarts via Apple’s App Store review system. This is a feature that has, unsurprisingly, never been welcomed by developers, who are unable to submit patches for problems discovered in iOS 9, for example, which means that faults will remain unfixed until the operating system’s full release. iOS 9 is also the first version of Apple’s mobile operating system to have been made available for public beta testing, meaning that hundreds of thousands of people have been able to complain about these pre-release glitches.

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