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Apple is going to live-stream its big Apple Watch event

The highly-anticipated Apple Watch event is less than two weeks away and those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to receive an invite from Apple, which is the vast majority of us, you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple will be live streaming the entire event. The company also asked fans to “follow every moment” on its live event webpage which suggests that Apple will also be providing us with real-time updates like it did last year. 

In addition to sending out invitations to its upcoming March 9th event, Apple has announced on its website that it will provide a live stream for what is anticipated to be an event focused largely on the Apple Watch. On the event page, Apple also invites you to “follow every moment” on its live event webpage. This presumably means that Apple will return to providing quotes, photos, and videos from the event in real time as it first did at the Apple Watch’s first unveiling last September. The Apple event site also includes an action to add the event to your calendar in case you haven’t already. Typically the live stream is available through Safari on iPhones, iPads, and Macs as well as through a dedicated channel on Apple TV. Once again, the disclaimer below the announcement makes no mention of Windows support through QuickTime, so check back here before the event for workarounds as before.

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