Apple is in a perfect position to start a micro-LED revolution


Few words in the tech world are as overused as “disrupt,” but it actually applies in this instance. A handful of companies have been working on micro-LED technology for a few years, one of which was acquired by Apple last year, and experts are claiming that such technology could completely disrupt the display market that’s currently dominated by LCD and OLED screens. This wouldn’t mean much if it were just a handful of small companies working on the technology, but with Apple being one of the biggest trend setters in the tech world, micro-LEDs may see some major adoption in the near future. 

Before Apple acquired low-power display maker LuxVue, micro-LED technology was relatively unknown. But now the display industry is paying close attention, and one expert believes micro-LED could disrupt current LCD screens, as well as OLED displays like on the Apple Watch. Micro-LED panels are not yet in any shipping consumer products. But a number of small companies have been working with the technology, including LuxVue, which was acquired by Apple last year. Low-power micro-LED screens could lead to better and more power efficient displays in future devices. And with its acquisition of LuxVue, Apple could be in a position to debut micro-LED technology to the masses. Last week was the Display Week trade show, where Ken Werner of Display Daily spoke with Candice Brown-Elliott, CEO of Nouvoyance and creator of the Pentile Matrix pixel configuration found in Samsung OLED panels. Brown-Elliott told Werner that micro-LED displays were the only potentially disruptive technology she saw at the show.

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