Apple’s new Beats 1 radio station is launching on Tuesday morning


Starting at 8AM Pacific Time next Tuesday, Apple Music’s streaming radio station will begin its 24/7 broadcasting, the same day that Apple Music will launch for iOS users. Known as Beats 1, this radio station is actually pretty interesting, especially when compared to the usual boring radio stations that we see nowadays. One of the most compelling things about the station is that, so long as you have an Apple ID, you can access it for free, even if you’re not paying Apple Music’s $9.99/month subscription fee. 

Apple is set to begin broadcasting its Beats 1 24-hour live radio station at 8 AM PT on June 30, according to Apple Music Senior Director and former Beats Music CEO Ian C. Rogers, who posted the following to Twitter today: The debut of the streaming radio station, which is hosted by a trio of DJs led by former BBC tune jockey Zane Lowe, will feature content including interviews with the likes of Eminem, as well as shows hosted by and starring music industry icons like Drake, Pharrell and Elton John, to name just a few. The New York Times dove into some of the programming details, revealing that one- and two-hour programming blocks will flesh out the segments hosted by Lowe, along with Ebro Darden and Julie Adenuga. Beats 1 will likely arrive alongside Apple Music, and both will probably follow the official launch of iOS 8.4, which will provide the software underpinnings for both streaming services. Apple is offering a free trial of Apple Music to all users for the first three months, and is $9.99 per month after that. Beats 1 is available to all users signed in with an Apple ID, however, free of charge.

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