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Apple is luring content partners by promising to share data with them

One of the ways Apple is luring in partners for its upcoming online television service is by promising to share data with them, including who is watching their content, which content they’re watching, and when it is that they’re watching it. This may be the key to solving the numerous issues that Apple has faced over the years when negotiating with entertainment companies who don’t want to disrupt existing sources of revenue. 

Apple is offering to share data with programming partners to get them on board with its cable-like TV network package, The Post has learned. The company is willing to share details on who its viewers are, what they watch and when they watch it to entice broadcast networks and others to go along with the service, sources said. The information could help programmers better target shows to viewers and advertisers, who are increasingly chasing niche audiences. Apple, which is known for tightly controlling its ecosystem, is taking a more hands-off approach with programmers, such as letting them decide whether they want to air ads.
“They’re allowing a lot more decision-making by the content owner,” said one source familiar with the talks, adding that Apple has told potential partners, “It’s up to you, whatever you guys want to do.” By dangling the “data carrot,” Apple is offering something that traditional cable companies, Amazon and Netflix have refused to hand over to programmers.

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