Apple is reportedly on the look-out for a “friendlier” public relations chief

Apple’s been without a public relations chief since the end of May, and is still looking for a replacement. Now the company is said to be looking for a “friendlier, more approachable,” person to fill that spot. Citing sources, Recode says Apple has been reviewing two internal candidates from its existing PR staff, but that CEO Tim Cook is also personally looking at outsiders that fit that friendlier description. The report comes as Apple put on a markedly more ebullient, and open display at its developer conference, which took place last week. The company opened up iOS more than it ever has before, as well as offered Windows users and even Google a small olive branch in compatibility and integration.

Who’s going to succeed Katie Cotton as VP of worldwide corporate communications at Apple? That’s one of the more interesting questions at the company these days following Cotton’s retirement last month after nearly two decades spent shaping its communications strategy. And though there are at least two well-qualified internal candidates for the job — comms veterans Steve Dowling and Nat Kerris — Apple is also looking outside the company for Cotton’s replacement. Sources in position to know tell Code/red that CEO Tim Cook is overseeing the search, aiming to find some high-profile external candidates for consideration. And he’s paying particular attention to those he believes could put a friendlier, more approachable face on Apple’s public relations efforts. Hardly surprising, as VP of comms is a position that reports directly to Cook, and he obviously wants to put the best person he possibly can into it. But interesting nonetheless, as passing over a pair of veterans groomed under company co-founder Steve Jobs for an outsider could herald a big shift in Apple’s PR strategy and its comms team. Would Dowling and Kerris stick around if one or both didn’t get the job? Apple declined comment on the matter.

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