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Apple may be ditching the 3.5mm headphone port for the iPhone 7

Apple has jumped through hoops to ensure that nearly every new device it releases is thinner than its predecessor, and it looks like the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone port will be the latest sacrifice made to further that goal. According to Macotakara, a Japanese blog that’s had some fairly accurate Apple rumors in the past, the iPhone 7 will use a Lightning port instead of a 3.5mm port, which will help reduce its thickness by “more than 1mm” compared to the iPhone 6S. Users will also have the option of connecting their headphones wireless through Bluetooth.

Citing a reliable source, a report from Japanese blog Macotakara claims that Apple plans to remove the 3.5mm headphone port from the upcoming iPhone 7, helping to achieve a “more than 1mm” reduction in thickness compared to the iPhone 6s. While the screen shape and radius will remain similar, the device will once again become Apple’s thinnest iPhone ever, albeit with a new restriction: headphones will only be able to connect over Lightning or Bluetooth. Macotakara says that the 3.5mm port “can hardly be thinner because it is the world standard,” which is accurate, though the current-generation iPod touch is 1mm thinner than the iPhone 6s despite having a 3.5mm port inside. It should be noted that Apple actively contemplated switching to the smaller but less popular 2.5mm headphone port standard many years ago, abandoning the plan after users complained about the original iPhone’s recessed 3.5mm port. Instead, the company opted to wait until alternate headphone connection technologies became more popular, producing every iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac with a 3.5mm port. Apple introduced Lightning headphone specs last year, though very few actual Lightning headphones have been shown or shipped.

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