Apple may be working on an actual television set


Apple already has the Apple TV media streaming device and is working on a new online television service that will launch later this fall but, according to analysts, the company could take things a step further by an actual smart television. Apple TV essentially turns a dumb television into a smart one but Apple may be working on an actual television set that would come with Apple TV functionality built in.

If you’ve spent any time following the Apple rumor mill, chances are you’re familiar with the name Gene Munster. More specifically, you might be familiar with Gene Munster predicting that Apple will release a smart television set. The Piper Jaffray financial analyst has been predicting an Apple TV set (essentially an integrated TV and Apple TV set top box) for years, each time saying he expects it to come to market the following year. So of course when rumors that Apple is planning to launch a subscription television service this fall started making the rounds this week, Munster jumped at the opportunity to link it to actual TV hardware. “We believe that this possible content package would remove a significant hurdle to Apple launching a standalone television,” said Munster without an hint of irony in a note to investors, as reported by financial blog Smarter Analyst. “While recent media reports question Apple’s interest in an actual television, we continue to believe it is the most logical next area of focus.”

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