Apple may be working on its own Google Street View competitor

Apple has already chosen to take on Google Maps with a service of its own but now it looks like the company is going to take things a step further by releasing its own competitor to Street View. This speculation comes after a Dodge Caravan that is leased to Apple and looked to be equipped with an array of cameras was seen roaming around the Bay Area.

There have been multiple sightings of a mysterious van with a strange apparatus on its roof in Concord, CA and, according to CBS affiliate KPIX 5, the car is leased to Apple. Bay Area blog Claycord posted photos of the Dodge Caravan earlier today. One possible use for the car could be for a mapping project, as the cameras on top of the vehicle are similar to other mapping cars. The Cupertino company has been planning on significantly improving its Maps application though, with plans for transit directions, improved points-of-interest data, indoor mapping and more. It would be likely that Apple would be prepping a feature similar to Google Street View or Bing StreetSide.

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