Apple might be packing some crazy tech inside its next earbuds

Apple might be giving its earbuds another rework here soon, but it looks like most of the changes will be internal this time around. According to a recently published patent, Apple is currently developing wireless earbuds that utilize bone-conducting technology in order to improve voice communications. On top of that, these earbuds could also have a plethora of sensors that would improve the in-ear audio experience and add intelligent noise cancelling capabilities. 

According to a patent application published on Thursday, Apple is looking into advanced bone conduction technology that would enhance voice communications in an unannounced wireless earphone system. Published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s patent application for a “System and method of improving voice quality in a wireless headset with untethered earbuds of a mobile device” describes a system in which voice input is accepted by one of two earbuds and is passed along to a mobile device based on perceived quality. A variety of sensors, including an inertial sensor monitoring vibrations in a user’s bone structure, help inform which signal to use. Unlike traditional audio-based noise cancellation systems, Apple’s version accounts for noise and wind level detected by internal earbud microphones and combines that information with accelerometer output, battery level and earbud position data. With distinct earbud subsystems at work, the design is capable of monitoring and selecting from two signal sources before applying a final noise reduction operation four outgoing audio.

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