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Apple online sales in 2013 grew faster than Amazon’s

As good as the experience of shopping in a physical Apple Store undoubtedly is, Apple’s also making major leaps in its online sales business. According to new data released by e-commerce research firm Internet Retailer, Apple had a great 2013: not only overtaking Staples to become the No. 2 online retailer, but actually growing faster than Amazon. While Amazon sales grew by 20%, Apple’s rocketed up a massive 24% increase in online sales to reach $18.3 billion last year.

In the crusade to capture clicks and pull in dollars from online sales,Amazon remains the clear front runner. But 2013 e-commerce sales data from trade publication Internet Retailer reveals that the race is heating up. One big, gaining rival: Apple, which took the No. 2 spot long held by office supply chain StaplesSPLS. The iPhone maker notched a 24% increase in online sales to $18.3 billion last year. Part of the increase in Apple’s sales this year came from Internet Retailer’s inclusion of Apple’s online hardware sales for the first time, in addition to the digital sales from its App Store and iTunes. The rivals share a big advantage — millions of people with credit cards on file and one click away from making a purchase. No wonder Amazon is getting into tablets, phones and TV.

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