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Apple patents remote control for the iPhone’s camera

Apple is toying with the idea of creating a remote control for your iPhone, according to a newly approved patent application. The company’s new remote control patent, which it first filed for way back in 2009, is focused almost entirely on giving you remote functionality for the iPhone’s camera. That means you’ll be able to snap group photos, record video easier, and more.

Apple has been granted a patent (via AppleInsider) for a wireless iPhone camera remote control, which has a built-in display for previewing and reviewing photos, and shutter buttons for both still and movies, as well as a way to switch camera modes remotely and full media playback controls. The device would connect to an iPhone or other mobile iOS device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The camera could even be used to launch the camera app if it’s not active, which is a feature that isn’t necessarily available to current third-party iPhone Bluetooth camera remotes.

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