Apple Pay isn’t as popular with businesses as one would expect


When announcing Apple Pay last month, Apple showed off a list of launch partners that would be putting the NFC-powered iPhone payment system to work in October, including McDonald’s, Nike, and Macy’s. However, the Daily Dot has compiled a list of businesses that don’t currently have plans to adopt Apple’s mobile payment system, and there are some notable entries on the list. 

Apple Pay is primed to launch as one of the most secure and convenient digital payments solutions ever devised, but certain popular retailers may slow adoption by refusing to offer support due to a conservative stance on next-gen commerce or conflict with their own ambitions in the sector. When Apple announced Apple Pay at its iPhone 6 event in September, the company revealed that it had struck deals with all three major credit card networks — Visa, MasterCard and American Express — as well as top card-issuing banks like Citi, Chase and Wells Fargo. While a huge step in payments branding never before achieved, Apple still faces significant hurdles in winning widespread adoption with merchants.

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