Apple Pimps Ping With Exclusive Michael Jackson Track

ping 101202

ping 101202

There’s something so bizarre about posthumous album releases. Like, what’s the deal with 2pac? I think I read somewhere that he’s released more music while dead than alive at this point? That’s probably untrue, but that the claim can even be made and reasonably believed at all renders it pretty bizarre, at any rate. Then again, I don’t listen to rap.

Anyway, seems the latest corpse to be cranking out the hits will be none other than the King of Pop, whose forthcoming album ‘Michael’ will feature new music featuring the likes of 50 Cent and Lenny Kravitz, as well as a previously-unreleased jam from the Thriller era, ‘Much Too Soon’. The latter has been scooped up by Apple as an exclusive, and you can listen to it right the hell now, should you be diehard MJ fan enough to do so.

The catch? You have to log into Ping.

Yeah, I can hear you groaning from here. Last I checked (Monday, I think), Ping still sucked. But 72 hours is a long time – maybe this track represents a glorious new beginning for the little social network that couldn’t. But it probably doesn’t.

So yeah, if you’re all about MJ, the most exciting thing you’re going to experience today (‘Much Too Soon’) will not come without great sacrifice (using Ping).

Or, you could just wait until this afternoon, when someone rips it to YouTube. Hassle-free.

What do you think?

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