Apple rumored to be releasing slim, 12-inch MacBook with no fan

Rumors from the Far East on Friday claim Apple will soon refresh its MacBook Air lineup and may introduce a new slimmed-down 12-inch fan-less laptop that sports a new trackpad design which does away with the current mechanical click button assembly. In a post to Chinese forum WeiPhone, a member of who has in the past revealed legitimate photos and information regarding unreleased Apple hardware said the company is planning a MacBook refresh sometime soon. 

A new forum post on has revealed a number of details about Apple’s upcoming plans for its MacBook notebooks as well as some details about its iWatch initiative. The author of the post has posted legitimate leaks and photos of un-released MacBook hardware in the past, lending credibility to this new information. The poster writes about the upcoming MacBook Pro line as well as a new 12″ notebook that has previously been predicted, suggesting the future MacBook could be released without a fan assembly and with a redesigned trackpad.

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