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Apple to Hold Press Conference, Hopefully Ending the Signal Saga

iphone4 2up front side 728 75

This signal thing has gotten blown way out of proportion, yeah? Totally ridiculous. And I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done my part – people like me have made this problem far more a PR issue than a hardware one. But are you really gonna blame us? You want your free bumper, right? Then sit tight, and just let us poke Big Steve some more about this. Just a bit more. I swear, we’re almost done, then he’s all yours. Five more minutes.

Actually, it seems everyone’s prodding may have worked. Apple has called a press conference tomorrow that will hopefully shed some real light on the issue, and what Steve & Friends plan to do about it. Apparently, fixing this is gonna need more than a software update after all.

No shit.

But then again, perhaps the conference won’t be more than just a means to ease the market – after all, Apple’s quarterly earnings report is on Tuesday, and there is no way they’re gonna let the Signal Saga overshadow the fact they made a verified zillion dollars on iPads.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Obviously we’ll have news tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  1. Bumper is not a solution. They need to fix the device. I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I don’t want a lame bumper wrapped around my beautiful shiny magicphone. I want to be able to hold and rub the glorious hardware unobstructed.

  2. this is to global readers of Techi and all techie folks- just imagine that Apple never introduced iPhone!!!!!!! i believe we all were still using that dumb cell phones from dumb cell phone making companies, not a single mobile company has guts to introduce touch screen phones, they never thought of that and dreamed about that. all were woke up after apple iphone only. why all companies start making touch screen phones after apple iphone, why not they tried before Jan 2007??? why not they thought about cell phone apps, app stores, touch screen futuristic UI, android and off course win7….. (its getting late and late and late and late:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀

    If apple makes a single mistake millions of people start shouting…. give apple a try guys…. they are just 3 and half year old in mobile industry and i believe you like apple or hate it, everybody is agreed that they had changed the entire global mobile industry and 101% credit goes to Apple only. Ask old mobile giants Nokia, RIM, HTC, Palm, SE, Samsung, LG and other mobile manufacturing companies as well as mobile OS making companies like Microsoft about there contribution in mobile industry after 2007………… nothing absolutely nothing rather than flooded the market with iPhone clones and similar UI and app stores. its a big shame on them.

    guys try to see thing differently…..

  3. @tbetweenin,
    so what if the touchscreen UI was invented by apple. big friggin deal. in all industries, everyone builds on top of the other people’s work otherwise we would still be living in the stone-ages. with your reasoning, we would have to say shame on apple for building on top of motorola’s invention (yes, motorola actually invented the cell phone as we know it today), or shame on motorola for making use of tesla’s work on radio communication (he demonstrated the feasibility of communication using radio waves, which all cell phones use), and shame on tesla for using fourier and laplace transform equations (created by mathematicians joseph fourier and pierre laplace, for solving seemingly unrelated problems) to achieve his goal. I can go on and on back in time to the time some ape man/woman can be credited with the invention of the smart phone of today because they figured out how to count back then.

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