Apple Vs. Everyone: The BGR Chronicles


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The war between Apple and, well, everyone else is raging, and Boy Genius Report is currently the front line fighter.

For those who don’t know, Boy Genius Report posted a story on July 1 about an email exchange between Steve Jobs and an irate customer not happy with the reception on his shiny new iPhone 4.

The email exchange caused some backlash, mostly because Jobs’ alleged response, telling the customer to “calm down” was considered by most to be arrogant.

But the next day, Apple PR issued a statement declaring that the conversation was fake, that Steve Jobs had not written the emails.

Well, Boy Genius Report isn’t terribly happy about that. The latest installment is BGR emphatically declaring that the conversation is real, although their stance is that the email came from within Apple’s walls – they don’t know or care if it was Steve Jobs himself that penned the emails.

It’s always been quite the anomaly that Apple, one of the most secretive companies in Silicon Valley has a CEO at the help who freely and openly responds to emails from the general public.

But this whole debacle has raised the question that it might not be Jobs himself writing all these emails, and what happens when something in one of his alleged emails turns out to be problematic?

BGR has an exceptional record when it comes to Apple rumors and breaking news, and their reputation among the high end blogging sites is high, but this battle pitches an Apple blog and rumor site against Apple PR directly. Who do you believe?

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