Apple will release iOS 8.2 in March in preparation for the Apple Watch

It looks like Apple will be laying the groundwork for the release of the Apple Watch in March with the iOS 8.2 update. According to BGR’s trusted sources, this software update will come with the software necessary for developers to create applications for the Apple Watch, which will be released the following month.

We’ve been told by a trusted source that Apple isn’t planning to release iOS 8.2 until March, according to the most recent roadmap. While iOS 8.2 will bring some general improvements and fixes to the company’s mobile operating system, the big news is the support for Apple Watch. With Apple Watch set to be released around April, it would make sense that iOS 8.2 wouldn’t be released so far ahead of it. Select developers have reportedly also already been asked to submit Apple Watch-compatible apps for Apple to start testing, and some will most likely make an appearance at Apple’s upcoming event, during which the company will announce more details about the watch and possibly next-generation MacBook laptops as well.

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