Apple’s 4-inch iPhone might be called the iPhone SE


Numerous leaks and rumors have claimed that Apple is preparing to launch a 4-inch version of the iPhone soon, which is expected to be like an iPhone 5S that has updated hardware and a new design, but nobody can agree on what the name is going to be. For a while now, most people agreed that it’s most-likely going to be called the iPhone 5SE, but a new report has claimed that it’ll just be called the iPhone SE, which would definitely avoid the confusion that would be caused by releasing a new iPhone 5-series when we’re currently in the iPhone 6-series era.

In January, we reported that Apple is preparing a new 4-inch iPhone that is essentially 2013’s iPhone 5s with upgraded internals. At the time, we heard that Apple would call the device the “iPhone 5se” based on it being both an enhanced and “special edition” version of the iPhone 5s. Now, we are hearing that Apple appears to be going all in on the special edition factor: sources say that Apple has decided to drop the “5” from the device’s name and simply call it the “iPhone SE.” This will mark the first iPhone upgrade without a number in its name and would logically remove it from a yearly update cycle. Based on Apple reinvigorating the 4-inch iPhone screen size at a time where the market is mostly moving toward larger smartphone screens, it would make sense for Apple to position this device as simply the “SE.” Sources say that the dropping of the “5” from the name also simplifies the iPhone lineup as bringing back an iPhone “5” variant amid the iPhone “6” lifecycle could potentially confuse customers. The iPhone SE will replace the existing iPhone 5s and will take its price points.

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