Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5C goes on sale in parts of Europe


After a brief period of downtime, the Apple Store around the world has now gone back up. Aside from a bit of Mothers Day promotional advertising, there is no change to most regions. For some countries, however, Apple has now made the 8 GB iPhone 5c available for sale. The device is now available in the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Following an Apple Online Store refresh, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Belgium can now purchase Apple’s less expensive 8GB iPhone 5c handset. As a reminder, Apple first introduced its 8GB smartphone in five countries back in March. Up until today, the handset had been available in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and China, providing customers with a less costly means of purchasing an Apple-designed smartphone. Though we’d been surprised Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5c rollout hadn’t extended further, the Cupertino, Calif. company has indeed launched the smartphone in four new markets.

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