Apple’s Big Announcement: Disappointing



I don’t know about you, but I was expecting something a little bit more from today’s iTunes announcement. Streaming music? Enhanced song previews? A completely rewritten iTunes application? Anything? No. We end up with The Beatles. What kind of crap is that?

Okay, so I don’t want to offend all of The Beatles fans out there, but I guess I have to in order to make my point. The Beatles is a music group. They made music. They have withheld their music from iTunes since forever, and they became an enemy of the tech savvy among us for acting so incredibly greedy. Of course, if I was one of the world’s greatest musical sensations, I’d want to be filthy rich too, but that is beyond the point.

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The point is that this wasn’t even worth all of the hype. In fact, this was more or less Steve Jobs gloating that he finally managed to convince the rights owners that The Beatles should be on iTunes, thereby reassuring the world that if you want to deal in the music industry, you are going to have to go through Apple if you want to get anywhere.

Fine. That’s all good and stuff, but where are the improvements?

I (along with quite a few others) have been bitching about the horribleness that is iTunes for years, and Apple has yet to do anything to fix this piece of garbage. Sure, it’s the best thing we got for managing music on the Mac platform, but it could be so much better. In fact, it could be great. But it isn’t.

So, congratulations to The Beatles rights holders for finally coming to your senses. Congratulations to Apple for finally solidifying their position in the music industry. Congratulations to Steve Jobs for being able to gloat about how awesome Apple really is. But can you fix the damn iTunes application?

I know I’ve been a little bit naughty, but all I want for Christmas is a brand spanking new iTunes (along with a Macbook Air, iPad, and iPhone 4 on Verizon). Pretty please?

What do you think?

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