Apple’s former retail chief is leading a funding round for Nasty Gal


Ron Johnson is known in the tech world as the man who helped shape Apple’s retail arm. Johnson left Apple to become the CEO of JCPenny back in 2011 but its no longer there. Now he’s leading a $16 million round of funding in Nasty Gal, an online retailer for women’s products that is currently in the process of expanding its physical stores outside of the one location is has in Los Angeles. 

Former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson is getting back into the fashion game. The man who helped shape the Cupertino company’s retail arm made the jump to become CEO of JCPenny after exiting Apple in 2011, but was eventually removed from his position there as well. The undeterred Johnson announced today that he would be leading a $16 million round of funding in online women’s retailer Nasty Gal. Johnson has also been appointed to the retailer’s board of directors. Nasty Gal is currently in the process of launching its own physical stores, though it currently only has one location in Los Angeles. Apple’s ex-exec recently helped raise $30 in funding for online shopping startup Enjoy, and was reported in late 2014 to be working on a gadget delivery service.

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