Apple’s long rumored plans to enter the TV business have been put on hold again

It has long been rumored and speculated that Apple will eventually attempt to enter the TV business, but according to certain sources, Apple is putting that plan on hold again. For Apple, increased hardware sales lead to increased software sales on iTunes, increased software sales on iTunes encourages  people to put more content on iTunes, and more content on iTunes entices more people to buy Apple’s hardware. It’s a wonderful cycle that has made Apple into one of the most successful tech companies in the world so it’s no surprise that Apple wanted to replicate this success by entering the TV business. However, now it seems like Apple is putting an indefinite hold on those plans, possibly replacing them with a rollout of wearable devices.

According to sources in the TV supply chain, it appears that Apple’s long-rumored TV plans, which were far from concrete anyway, have been put on hold again, possibly to be replaced by a rollout of wearable devices. Although many financial and industry analysts have been speculating about Apple’s entrance into the TV business via an actual TV (instead of the Apple TV “hobby” set-top-box) for years, during the last year the rumor-mill has shifted into high gear about a 2014 introduction. Indeed, our own information from TV supply chain sources pointed to the fact that Apple appeared to be lining up resources for a product introduction in the second half of 2014, likely with 2-3 large screen sizes and 4K resolution.

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