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Apple’s music streaming service is especially bad for Spotify

Most of Spotify’s users are listening to their music through the company’s iOS app, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing until you remember that Apple is going to be launching its own music streaming service for in the near future. This revamped version of Beats Music will be specifically designed for iOS and will have many of Apple’s existing services integrated, which means bad news for Spotify, more so than its competitors. 

Swedish music streamer Spotify has more to lose from Apple’s anticipated Beats Music revamp than its competition, according to new usage data, as iOS accounts for a majority of Spotify’s active users. Nearly 11 percent of iOS device owners in the U.S. use Spotify on a weekly basis, data published by The Information shows. On Android, that number falls to just 7 percent. The disparity “reflects the reality that Apple users have more money to spend on a subscription service,” the publication noted. In contrast, Android ruled the roost for Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and Pandora. Beats Music is by far the smallest streaming service for now, seeing use on less than one percent of devices, no matter the platform. That is expected to change — primarily at Spotify’s expense — once Apple unveils the new version, which will likely be tied more closely to iOS, much like iTunes Radio.


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