Apple’s next big event could be coming later this month

Apple loves its big events almost as much as its fans do and the latest such event is expected to launch later this month. These events tend to be held within a few weeks of the launch of the company’s latest product but with the Apple Watch not expected for a couple of months, it’s unusual for Apple to hold an event this early in the year. 

Apple’s next media event might be less than three weeks away. French Apple fan site iGen has received information from its sources which indicates that Apple will take the stage during the last week of February, most likely on Tuesday, February 24th. Apple typically holds it events within a few weeks of launching a new product, but as we learned during the company’s recent earning call, the Apple Watch won’t start shipping until April. That said, it’s been quite some time since Apple held an event this early in the year, so it’s worth tempering any expectations for what the company has in store.

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