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Apps will be able to access Safari AutoFill credentials on iOS 8

Logging in to apps may soon be a whole lot easier and faster in iOS 8. Apple is reportedly adding a new feature to its mobile OS, which will allow apps to access login credentials stored in Safari to automatically fill in username and password information in third-party apps. The feature will rely on Safari’s existing AutoFill and Passwords feature, according to 9to5Mac. Right now, Safari can store passwords and other login information in its keychain, and automatically fill them in when you log in to a service from within the browser. But if you try to log in to the same service using a third-party app, you need to manually type in your information. With the new feature, which 9to5Mac said is part of Apple’s effort for more parity between iOS and OS X, third-party apps will be able to access login credentials stored in Safari. And since Safari’s AutoFill and Passwords feature is synced to iCloud, login information will be accessible across iOS devices.

In iOS 8, Apple is making the process of logging into apps a much smoother experience by allowing native iOS apps to access usernames and passwords stored in Safari. The new feature, which works by letting iOS apps tap into Safari’s AutoFill & Passwords feature, will allow users to login to apps with a simple tap rather than having to type login info. Imagine your username and password are stored in Safari’s AutoFill for Facebook, for example. When launching the native Facebook iOS app, the feature will let users select from passwords stored in Safari to quickly login (as pictured above with Apple’s demo “Shiny” app). The new feature will first require developers to support it by associating their apps with their websites. The process involves developers adding one file to their website and one new entitlement to their iOS app in order to verify the services are associated. They will then be able to take advantage of a couple easy to use APIs that let them request credentials stored in Safari and present them to the user at log-in. For apps that don’t have associated login data stored in Safari yet, apps using the feature will be able to save and/or update to Safari AutoFill and iCloud Keychain directly from within the app. The feature makes the process of logging into web apps and native apps more seamless, allowing both to access the same stored credentials from Safari.

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