AppsFlyer has launched “AppsFlyer for Agencies”

According to a study by Ovum for the Internet Advertising Bureau , fewer than 50% of 300 surveyed leading US marketers use media buying agencies for their mobile advertising due to a lack of mobile expertise. In order to enable ad agencies to provide their clients with mobile media buying expertise to optimize campaigns based on a range of performance metrics including ROI, mobile attribution analytics provider AppsFlyer is launching “AppsFlyer for Agencies.” As a mobile advertising monitoring solution and a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, AppsFlyer provides real-time mobile app tracking and campaign analytics that allows both ad agencies and advertisers to manage, measure and optimize mobile marketing.

Mobile user-acquisition company AppsFlyer, which is now at a $500 million annual ad-spend run-rate and tracking to deliver almost 2 billion app installs annually, announced a new agency product today. It’s kind of a digital last-mile solution for agencies, who have been shut out of much of mobile marketing. “Until now, the agencies have been left behind for multiple reasons,” AppsFlyer marketing vice president Ran Avrahamy told me via Skype. “One of the main reasons is the lack of tools to operate in this fast-growing, fragmented market.” He’s not kidding about the fast-growing and fragmented part. AppsFlyer aggregates more than 450 ad partners, including names like AdColony, Chartboost, Facebook, Google, and Opera, to deliver traffic for its clients. Fewer than half of marketers currently use agencies to help drive mobile app installs, mostly because the agencies haven’t had the expertise and tools to deliver results — or the capability to deliver solutions as widespread as AppsFlyer’s. Agencies requested the tool, Avrahamy told me, as did advertisers, who wanted a way to manage their relationships with agencies.


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