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supporting your blogging community

As a blogger you strive to get your written words distributed on as many blog sites as you can, especially if you are looking to have your name publicized and associated with certain niches, communities and subjects. You already know that remaining “stale” or “stagnant” is not an option as a writer; in fact they just might be two of the most despised words within the blogosphere.  Although you need to spend a lot of time learning and finding sources to promote you (if you are a serious writer), after finding a blog that will publish your words of art, then is the moment it should become about them.

I always encourage sharing your own content and providing the blog post to be seen almost immediately to your social communities, almost giving them a chance to “see it first”, it is also important to get the share ball rolling so your post begins to have eyes on it. With that said, it is not only your blog post that should ever be shared from a blog you were publicized on. Every time you are able to have your words, researched information and data broadcasted on a blog you immediately become a part of a blogging community.

This is especially true when there are multiple writers on the blog, whether you know them or not, you should always familiarize yourself with their content and share some content that you already know will suit your social community since you share yours.

You also need to do your very best in commenting back on comments that are left on your blog post (yes this can get hairy if there are a lot of comments) but it is important to acknowledge your reading community as well. If you do not have time to answer individual questions, be sure to read the comments and perhaps write one or two comments that answer some questions or even to thank them for commenting. Readers are just as important as the initial blog post itself, they make up the other half, since an article is never truly complete without the voice of another, and their voice does matter.

Whether you are a head writer, contributing writer or guest writer, you should take on the responsibility of supporting your blogging community by finding articles on the site that fit your social demographic and by communicating with the readers. It can all too easily become all about you, but you are a part of a blogging community that if you show your support it will display a stronger connection between you and the other writers, even perhaps gaining the attention from their readership too.

Unity is always a positive thing and the best way to show appreciation is through support, blogging should never be a sport, it is a lifestyle and choosing to have your content shared on a blog other than your own is choosing to join a community, therefore like with any community you must be an active member and sharing only your written work just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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