Asus is aiming for a September launch for its Android Wear smartwatch


@evleaks has news concerning the upcoming budget-friendly smartwatch from Asus, where the tweet claims that it will be given the codename Robin, with the intention of the Robin smartwatch being the thinnest in its class. Only time will tell whether such aspirations will be reached, and will the name stick at the end of the day? Apart from that, the Robin smartwatch has also been touted to go up for sale later this September, and from what we know about the Asus timepiece, it will feature an AMOLED display with a price point of somewhere between $99 all the way to $149 at launch,according to Techcrunch. At such price points, it will definitely be an attractive proposition to folks who would want to take their chance with a smartwatch without breaking the bank, as it would be considerably more affordable than the recently announced devices at Google’s I/O developer’s conference.

Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus previously announced its intent to create a smartwatch for release this year, but details were scarce. Now, a source familiar with the company’s plans has confirmed to TechCrunch that Asus will indeed launch an Android Wear smartwatch later this year, with a targeted debut window of September, an AMOLED display, and a price point below those of the current crop of launch devices from LG and Samsung. Pricing for the Asus device will likely be between $99 and $149 when it launches, according to our source. The company made the decision to wait until later to launch its Android Wear project because they didn’t want to “rush” their efforts, the source added. It’s true that LG conceded during its press conference for the G Watch yesterday that part of the reason it didn’t include a heart rate monitor in its device was because of time constraints, so there was clearly a schedule imposed by Google to stick to in order to meet the Wear launch window. Asus had previously discussed including gesture control on its smartwatch to make up for a smaller screen more suitable to wristborne computing, but this was prior to Google’s unveiling of Android Wear so it’s unclear if it’s the same project as the one discussed above. One thing is for certain: almost every major electronics OEM will probably jump in the Android Wear pool in time for the holidays, if only for fear of being left behind in this new market.

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