Asus reveals more affordable PadFone Infinity Lite

Last month during CES 2014 we saw the Asus PadFone Mini, a smaller version of the company’s PadFone Infinity product, and now we’re being treated to a full-sized PadFone Infinity Lite, which just broke cover today. The device was first spotted by, which said Asus officially announced it in Taiwan on Wednesday.

The ‘Lite’ trend seems to be catching on in the mobile world. This is the re-use of existing device names with the word ‘Lite’ added in at the end in order to signify a lower-end model than the original. Samsung’s been doing this a lot lately (though it looks like it prefers the ‘Neo’ suffix to achieve the same goal). And now Asus has joined the club by unveiling the PadFone Infinity Lite. This is in fact a watered-down version of the second-generation PadFone Infinity that was announced by the Taiwanese company in September of last year. The Infinity is Asus’ flagship offering that is a smartphone that can be docked into a tablet.

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