ASUS teases the new ZenPhone ahead of CES 2015

CES is right around the corner, folks, and that means we’re sure to see some fancy new offerings from our favorite brands relatively soon. Jumping ahead of the action today was Asus, which ran a teaser on its Facebook page for a new ZenFone that appears to be sporting dual rear cameras. At ten seconds long, the teaser is pretty short. However, we’re treated to a quick flash of what appear to be two camera lenses early on in the video. Asus then finishes things off with the statement “see what others can’t see.”

As CES 2015 approaches, ASUS is trying to build anticipation for their presentation. Using a short video, they are teasing an updated ZenFone with what appears to be a new camera feature. In their usual style, the video is pretty cryptic and feels like it’s loaded with subliminal messaging. Still, you can get a pretty good look at the device if you know where to look. There is not much to the video since it is only 10 seconds long, with about half of that time containing the “see what others can’t see” text overlay and ASUS logo (our copy editor would not be a fan of that redundancy). There are some intriguing images within, though. I have pulled a couple screenshots to help speculate. This is probably the most impactful image of the video, suggesting a dual camera setup. As you’ll see below, the device itself couldn’t possibly have these two lenses, if that’s what they are, arranged side-by-side when held in portrait mode. In fact, the screenshot above looks like it may just be the product of a post-production mirroring effect on the single lens image that precedes it in the video.

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