ASUS wants to become on the world’s top ten smartphone makers


ASUS has already established itself as one of the leaders of the PC market, but since that market has been decaying over the past few years, the company has turned its attention to the mobile market. The company’s entrance into the market a while back was a bit of a surprise, but ASUS has since proven that it knows what it’s doing and has released some pretty solid products over the past few months. Just being “solid” isn’t enough for ASUS, however, and CEO Jerry Shen has announced that his company intends to become one of the top ten smartphone makers in the world by the end of next year.

Asus is one of the biggest laptop OEMs in the world, and one of the biggest Asian companies overall. This Taiwan-based company has released a number of compelling smartphones this year as well, but they just can’t seem to join the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. Asus has released their ZenFone 2 smartphones back in January this year, including the ZenFone 2 which sports 4GB of RAM on the inside. All of these devices are powered by Intel’s SoCs, and are quite compelling in terms of the design as well. The company has also released a number of tablets in the last year so, and are doing relatively well in the smartphone space, but are looking to do more in the future. According to the company’s CEO, Jerry Shen, the company plans to ship 40 million smartphones in 2016, and make its way to the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world. Jerry Shen has also added that Asus intends to ship 4-5 million ZenFone smartphones in Indonesia this year, the company’s second-largest market. The company is also expected to ship more than one million handsets in India, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil and Malaysia this year. As you can see, Asus’ targeted markets are rather specific, as the company is trying to move as many devices as possible this year, and it seems like their appetite is growing and will try to outdo themselves in 2016.

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