Audi has a competition to see who can build the best self-driving car


Audi has invited students to join the Autonomous Driving Cup in order to boost development in autonomous vehicle software and possibly search for potential employees. Teams of students will use their electrical and mechanical engineering skills to build the best performing autonomous vehicle that they can.  

Audi seems to know a thing or two about putting together an autonomous vehicle and To further encourage the development of this software while presumably scouting out potential talent, Audi invites students to participate in the Autonomous Driving Cup, where teams will develop the software for model cars. Intended primarily for students focusing on electrical and mechanical engineering as well as computer sciences, the cup will see ten teams competing to build the best performing self driving car. The model in question is a 1:8-scale Audi Q5 which will feature all-wheel drive and can travel up to 25 mph. Audi will provide this as well as a basic software package from which the teams are expected to develop the best working programs.

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