Banks are onboard for Sprint’s potential acquisition of T-Mobile

Back in 2013, we heard the rumors that Sprint might be looking to buy T-Mobile. Given that Sprint was recently acquired by Japanese carrier, Softbank, it looks like the company’s plans to expand into the US market will not be stopping there. Talks have reportedly been conducted, with Sprint’s chairman reportedly approaching banks to help fund their acquisition.

Sprint is reportedly interested in buying T-Mobile, and now it has the support of banks for the transaction. Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s owner operated organization changes that suggest a sale is incoming. Rumors about Sprint and T-Mobile joining forces have been making the rounds for months now, and the two companies have not denied interest in a possible merger or acquisition. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint (owned by Japan’s SoftBank) and T-Mobile (owned by Germany’s Deutsche Telekom) have already decided that it would be in their best interest to combine in some form. The decision was made several months ago, according to people familiar with the matter cited byWSJ, but the two sides still have to agree on how exactly to proceed.

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