Beagle caught on tape home alone playing with ornament



Do you ever wonder what your furry friend does when you are not home? Some have nanny cams for their kids or for protection to view security. It is pretty neat to catch your pooch playing with your festive decorations after you leave your home.

Jeremy Carroll, owner of a Beagle named Suzy who was caught on tape home alone playing with a Christmas ornament and looking like a teenager who has full reign of the house after their parent goes away. Suzy most definitely does and it is too cute to see how she reacts at the end to her happy holiday play.

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  1. I am one of those sneaky pete parents who like to spy on their kids and their pets before the web cam craze. Teasingly placing something far too tempting out in the open and taunting my subjects. Was it mean, no at all for I derived so very much pleasure from understanding the actions of others. I learned some great lessons too. Allowing those we love to have a “hay day” with a toy or treat is in my view, a very unique way of giving. Thanks Scarlett

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