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In a head-scratchingly bass-ackwards marketing decision, you can now send recorded videos to friends and family (and enemies, I guess – who are we to judge) via snail mail in the form of TV in a Card.

Apparently born of a mind stuck in the late 90s, TV in a Card is what can only be summed up as the logical progression of musical birthday cards – and a logical regression of just recording and emailing a private YouTube video. Each card contains a lithium battery that lasts 90 minutes, and can play up to 30 continuous minutes of video on its 3.4″ LCD screen. Personally, I’m not up for reading a birthday card for 30 minutes, but maybe you are.

Of course, there will always be something to be said about the sentiment of giving and receiving snail mail, and hey, if that’s your bag, knock yourself out.

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  1. we don’t need this…this will only add to the global electronic junk….global fast culture that gives instant gratification and leaves the shit later to be cleaned up in developing worlds…junk of an idea!

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