Best internet entrepreneurs of 2012


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2010 saw the launch of what are now two major social media websites – Pinterest and Instagram. These two companies, started by young entrepreneurs, quickly gained users. As of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in September of 2012, the photo-sharing program had 100 million users. Social networking sights such as these have had major impacts on the way that people interact and share ideas.

Pinterest was founded by two failed app designers. When they came up with their unique pinboard concept and stuck to it, many investors and engineers turned away. However, that same pinboard design drew in 10,000 users in nine months. Twenty percent of users use the site daily.

Twitter, founded in 2006, was originally thought to be too shallow and ego-driven to be successful. However, after celebrities and CEOs began tweeting, the website took a whole new face. By 2009, Twitter was changing the world. During the Iran presidential elections, after all text messaging and foreign news coverage was blocked by the government, Twitter became the outlet for Irani citizens to find out what was happening in their country and driving a monumental change in the global dynamic. By 2010, Twitter had 105 million users who, together, tweeted 55 millions time a day.

This infographic presented by BestFinanceSchools explores the ways in which entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey of Twitter have had the opportunity to turn small ideas into big projects that reach all over the globe, changing the way that people communicate. Social media is constantly changing in order to better serve the user thanks to not only Twitter, but also thanks to media sites such as Turntable and web browser Rockmelt.


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