Best tech April Fool’s Day jokes of 2013


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April Fool’s Day is pretty annoying for the unprepared. The flood gates of false announcements, buyouts, and new products fill the feeds and often get people excited or discouraged until they remember the date.

It gets bigger every year. Some companies such as Google play multiple tricks on people. Others do even worse – making announcements that aren’t so far fetched that they actually get some people to believe them for a time, embarrassing them when they spread the words to their friends. I’ve been a victim of that in the past. Never again.

This year’s round includes some standard cleverness, but some of the ideas that came from it all was actually pretty cutting edge. Many would be scared by it, but others would actually get a kick out of flying on a plane with a glass floor.

Here are some of the winning videos from this year’s field of entries. There were several great jokes that didn’t have videos attached such as the Nokia microwave, and while we’d love to highlight them, there’s nothing easier than watching videos. Most of the videos below are from known entities but we found a couple of strong obscure players as well.

Here are our top 19 picks this year in reverse order…


19. HEX Cross Body for Apple Newton


18. Gmail Blue


17. Apply to Retire


16. Kit President


15. Minecraft 2.0 Sneak Peek


14. Levity Algorithm


13. BronyCon 2014 Lunar Sponsorship


12. Guardian Goggles


11. Google Fiber to the Pole


10. Upgraded Delivery Person


9. Furry Family Airline Program


8. YouTube to Shut Down


7. In-Flight Riverdancing


6. Methane Powered Subaru


5. Google Maps Treasure Mode


4. Bacon Mouthwash


3. Google Nose


2. Sony Animalia


1. iWatch Introduction

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